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Information with regard to diesel

This page shows the locations of LKAB's filling stations. You can download forms to apply for refuelling authorisation and fuel filler tags.

Here are LKAB's filling stations: Download file here (only in Swedish). Updated 20/02/2020.


In order to access LKAB's filling stations, you will need a valid pass card, refuelling authorisation (for new customers) and a valid fuel filler tag for the vehicles to be refuelled.
Apply for refuelling authorisation with this form

Fuel filler tag

The fuel filler tag is linked to a specific vehicle and account. It can never be transferred to other vehicles or companies. In the event the vehicle is sold or scrapped, a new fuel filler tag must be taken out using the form "Taking out fuel filler tags". It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that tags are disabled, for example in the event a vehicle is sold/scrapped or in the case of a hire car.
Apply for a fuel filler tag for a specific vehicle using this form

Temporary farm tanks

If a contractor or project has a need to bring a temporary farm tank into LKAB's industrial area, an application must be made beforehand. Filling these temporary farm tanks is invoiced monthly.
Apply for temporary setting-up of a farm tank with this form 


Refuelling at LKAB's filling stations is invoiced weekly.
(Exceptions may occur if the station has been offline. Invoicing will then be done at restart).
LKAB sends customer invoices via email.

Notify kundfaktura@lkab.com of the relevant customer number and the email address to which the invoice should be sent.

If the customer changes the name of the company or would like to change the vehicle to another account/marking, this must be done before the invoice for the current period is sent to the customer.

It is the customer who is responsible for notifying this in good time.


Kiruna contact + 46 (0) 980 535 44.
Malmberget, Svappavaara, Leveäniemi and Mertainen, contact +46 (0)70 319 02 93